Google: A31 cefiro

I’ve decided to inject some (at-least-to-me) refreshing Japanese flavour to balance out the direction some of my posts have been taking lately.. The order of the day is A31 Cefiros. Which happens to be a pretty common drift platform in Malaysia.

So here they are, random A31 cefiros plucked out from the Internet, in no particular order..


Sorry for the lack of updates.. It will continue into the near future though. Work’s been craaaaaaazy!!

Will the real JZX90 please stand up?!
February 6, 2010, 11:44 am
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Would the person who owns the car pictured above please stand up!?

You deserve a standing ovation for creating this hot hot hunk of metal! Super buff-looking 90. Props yo!

UrasĀ  ftw!