Fit as Fcuk!
December 25, 2009, 4:52 pm
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Dave’s GC has gained immense popularity since he got those flares on – I’m a huge fan myself!  Sti’s are meant to roll hard!


The Importance of Stance #12
December 5, 2009, 2:10 am
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Bug Eyes have their own appeal – when they are dumped on their asses!!!

Launsport Buffness
November 26, 2009, 9:12 am
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HKS endowed engine harnessing 560bhp -HOHOHO.. That must be sick to drive…

I know the wheels in these pictures lack a little offset but the owner has since bought new shoes for the car. 17″ VR Te37s! If you can get yourself a copy of Vol 70 Hypertune (2007), you’d see how hot the car looks now with the TEs!!!!! It’s tracked regularly at Sepang too so it’s no show car.

Anyways I know no one is here to read my trash, so here are the specs:


HKS Super Megaflow air intake, HKS GT2835 Pro SPL ball-bearing turbine, HKS intercooler piping with HKS silicone couplers, HKS R-Tye aluminium intercooler, HKS Garage R fuel surge system, HKS forged pistons and conrods, HKS stainless steel exhaust manifold and support pipe, HKS HiPower 409 exhaust system, HKS Racing Type BOV, HKS wastegate, Greddy aluminium radiator, HKS R-Type oil cooler


Stock 6 speed, HKS twin plate racing clutch


HKS Hipermax Pro PFR suspension set, Cusco anti-roll, Cusco lightweight rear arms, Carbing 8-point lower arm bar, Carbing strut tower bar, Carbing rollcae


AP Racing (6p f, 4p r)


HKS Fcon V Pro, HKS RS meter set, HKS Evc boos controller

Hate it or love it. MINE’S V7 Sti


Guess they could have gone with either the carbon boot lip at the back or just the spoiler. Both don’t compliment one another. I still like it over all though. Can’t go wrong with Mine’s. Wonder how it drives..


Pictures are from the Tokyo Auto Salon 2001

BUFF GC8 2dr

Another example I found while surfing the Global Auto Japan site. It’s sold and you can see why! Don’t know how much it outputs but it sure is a serious car. Pulled fenders, 17″ Regamasters, roll cage, side exit exhaust from the bumper… Shit is crazy!! Wish we had these in Malaysia =\