If you are a JDM fanboy…
January 24, 2011, 1:43 pm
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… it is mandatory that you worship the Skyline GTR. In this case, I’m all crazy about this R34. I would imagine mine like this (if I ever own one) hahaha!!


Overall balance over power

Before its sticker treatment and wheel change..

Cockpit-Wako R34 GTR specs:


RB26DETT; Nismo GT crankshaft; Nismo radiator; HKS pistons; HKS oil pumpm; HKS F-CON V Pro; Tomei connecting rods; Trust 13 row oil cooler, Trust FMIC; T517Z twins; Trust turbo manifold; Cockpit Wako titanium intake; intercooler plumbing; turbo-back exhaust; aluminium radiator reservoir; SARD external fuel pump; SARD radiator; SARD cap; Aeroquip AN fittings; With Racing Project aluminium windshield fluid reservoir; carbon fiber radiator diffuser


ATS 2 way carbon limited-slip differential; carbon twin-disk clutch; flywheel; Keys racing shift knob


Sachs circuit-spec coilovers; Hyperco springs; custom urethane spherical bushings; control arms; end links; structural reinforming foam; Nismo strut tower  bars; sway bars


Prodrive GC-010G (18×10.5, +22 all around); Bridgestone Potenzas (265/35/18)


Brembo 355mm two-piece rotors; six piston calipers (f); 343mm two-piece rear rotors; four piston calipers (r)


Nismo GT cf hood, Z-tune front fenders; GT LED tails; OEM Skyline GTR N1 rear glass; custom dry cf front bumper; trunk;doors; Voltex dry carbon fiber GT wing; Mine’s cf mirros


Recaros; Takatas; Keys Racing knob; Fossa Magna steering wheel; custom cf center console; dry cf door panels; bolt-in cage

Skyline R33.4


If you do not look at the car’s lines carefully you too would probably have passed this car up as just another BNR34 – There are after all plenty of black GTRs sporting Nismo bumpers and TE37s. When in fact, this is an R33 GTR with a T04z turbo pushing  550bhp.. and a special R34 front end conversion. I only began to find something amiss with the car when I realized I had  never seen sideskirts like that on an R34, then the shape of the rear bumper began to intrigue me.. and so on and so forth etc bla bla.

Anyways, fitment looks really spot on. And because of the that, I actually prefer this conversion over the Bee-R kit, which I have always thought to be a little distorted. Idk it must just be me *shrugs*.

SVA Imports R34 GTR 1200bhp BEAST!

This car is fking hardcore!


1200bhp @ 2.6 bar boost
HKS racing 2.8L high deck complete engine
HKS head system STEP Pro V lifter, HKS STEP Pro
IN/EX 296deg
HKS STEP Pro valve springs
HKS STEP Pro V valve IN set
HKS STEP Pro V valve EX set
Valve step seal set
Fully machined and modified head system
HKS GT3540 twin turbo
HKS special racing wastegate
Custom stainless wastagate outlet pipe
HKS metal head gasket
HKS oil pump
ATI crank dumper pulley kit
HKS GT intercooler cooler twin entry type
HKS oil cooler kit
TOP SECRET GT intake plenum
NISMO engine mounts
AUTO SELECT oil sump
Custom titanium exhaust
1000cc main injectors X 6 + 440cc extra injectors X 6
Twin injector adaptor
BOSCH external fuel pump X 2 + SARD intank fuel pump
Quaife 6 speed sequetual gearbox
Quaife torque bisting front diff
Custom collector tank
EARL’S braided fuel line
HKS fuel rail
HKS fuel regulator
Aluminium triple layered radiator
BILLION swirl pod set
SAMCO radiator hoses
BILLION electric fan X 2
OHLINS adjustable suspensions
S&S ENGINEERING pillow ball front arms
AUTO SELECT suspension arm pillow ball kit
HKS triple plate clutch
NISMO diff mount
NISMO member bush
13 point roll cage
Seam welded shell
AUTO SELECT frame support bar
RECARO Pro Racer SP-G bucket seat (driver side)
RECARO SP-G (passenger side)
HKS F-con V-pro ver3.1
HKS ETC torque split controller
HKS A/F knock amp
HKS turbo timer
TOP SECRET front bunper
TOP SECRET front carbon under diffuser
NISMO GT carbon bonnet
TOP SECRET carbon GT wing
TOP SECRET limited edition 18inch rims (VOLK
NISMO LED GT tail lights