October 7, 2010, 9:51 am
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Finally! Malaysia has a tuner car worthy of mention!! This is possibly the 1st Malaysian vehicle worthy of being tagged “Hellaflush” (Google it).  I hope this trend style catches on and that it would spell the end of the ever-popular “Malaysian Ah Beng visual styling” (for an idea, click on/copy and paste: https://jaydeemmm.wordpress.com/2009/10/13/hi/)!


For more pictures of the 180 above, click on/copy and paste:




Been thinking of putting my money (at the end of the year 2010) into purchasing an Altezza instead of a 180sx. Mainly for practical reasons, being:-

(1) I’m in the legal line and I need something that looks more “executive-ish”

(2) 4 door convenience while with clients

(3) Short front end for ramps + speed  bumps

(4) it’s at least half the age of a 180sx

(5) I owned an IS200 which cost peanuts in the UK but 2 years average wages in Malaysia – Ridiculous how expensive cars are in Malaysia

(6) I can separate myself from the drifting crowd in Msia.

Oh well… we’ll see, I keep changing  my mind anyways. On top of that, I have a year to think about it. LMGT4s, poop colour paint, gutted (contary to what I just said above), 1jz swap, mild tune and I would be set to go!

Rat Rod S13.4 Convertible
January 16, 2010, 4:05 am
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HA HAHA!! Who’d rock this? I’ve yet to see rat rods in Malaysia cause everyone Malaysian is just so suckered into the whole GT style boy racer look – mind you the look is quite dated now. CMON we’re in 2010 now!! It’s been 9 damn years since F&F… Seriously, we need some rat rods here!!

You’re guaranteed to hoarding attention driving this on the streets.. Imagine when you decide to go sideways!

Panda JDM e7 for sale!
December 29, 2009, 5:20 pm
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Malaysian E7 packed with JDM goodies. For anyone interested.. I just think the car deserves a shout for being JDM lol.

LINK: http://www.zerotohundred.com/newforums/cars-for-sale/318696-mit-evo-7-2300cc.html

1. C-West Front Bumper & Side Skirts
2. Varis carbon bonnet
3. C-West carbon rear trunk
4. Evo 9 Rear taillights
5. Evo 9 front lights
6. Carbon Fenders
7. Varis Carbon GT-Wing & Carbon Stand
8. Evo 9 Rear Bumper
9. Carbon Canards

1. Defi meter – Oil Press,Exhaust Temp,Boost Meter with visors
2. Apexi RSM
3. Ralliart 300kmph Meter
4. Ralliart gear knob
5. HKS Kansai Floor Mat Front & Rear
6. Greddy profec B-spec II
7. Billion Fan Switch Meter
8. Power fc L-jetro with commander

1. Tomei Poncam
2. Tomei Cam Pulley
3. Tomei Head Stud & Main Stud Bolts
4. Tomei 2.0mm Metal Head Gasket
5. Tomei 4G63-2.3 Kit
6. Tomei Oil Thermo Killer
7. Tomei Exhaust Manifold
8. Tomei Exhaust Manifold Heat Shield Plate
9. Tomei Front Pipe
10. FP GREEN 73HTA Turbocharger
11. Power Enterprise 700cc injectors
12. Power Enterprise F1 Black Metal Bearing Set
13. Power Enterprise Timing Belt
14. Tial 38mm wastegate
15. Blitz LMC Type R Radiator
16. Billion radiator silicone
17. Greedy Intercooler Kit
18. Sard Fuel Regulator
19. Uras Titanium exhaust system
20. Ogura Racing (ORC) twin plate clutch
21. Walboro 255 fuel pump
22. HKS sqv blow valve
23. Blitz SUS POWER AIR CLEANER air filter
24. Cusco Oil catch tank
25. Cusco Strut Bars

1. 17 inch Advan RS GunMetal
2. Toyo R1R tires
3. Tein super street adjustable absorbers
4. APP 2 Piece Slotted Disc Rotors

Malaysia’s Garage R tuned S15


JDM as fuck. Track beast as fuck. Street prowler as  fuck.

Malaysian JDM Evo 7

Aggressive. Looks like it’ll bite your head off.




C-west front bumper
Voltex twin spl canard
Voltex front spl difusser
Voltex bonnet
Voltex side skirt
Voltex rear over fender
Voltex rear under difusser
Voltex type 5 rear spoiler
Voltex exhaust guard
Varis door ganish
Varis front fender
Varis rear boot
Craft square mirrors
Mitsubishi Oem voltex genarator
Mitsubishi Oem E9 front head light
Mitsubishi Oem E9 rear light
Mitsubishi Oem rear bumper
Piaa sporza carbon wipers ( front / rear )
Piaa HID


Mitsubishi Oem E8 Mr air cond panel
Ralliart gear console
Ralliart padel
Arc titanium gear knob
Bride low max stradia ( kavlar ) 1 pair
Llumar tinted
Alpine cd player


Varis cam cover
Varis plug cover
Tomei cam pulley
Tomei cam 280
Titanium retainer/ valve spring
Sard oil catch tank
Sard regulator
Walbro fuel pump
Blitz LM radiator
Blitz radiator cap
Greddy engine oil cap
HKS filter
HKS twin plate clutch
Apexi Hybrid intercooler
ARC titanium front strut bar
Ganador titanium exhaust
Billion radiator hose
Boost controller
Power belt
Apexi power FC ECU
Race craft carbon rear strut bar
Custom manifold/ Intercoooler piping


Rays CE28 18 x 9.5 + 15
Yokohama AVS sport
Cusco Adjustable suspension
Ap racing 6 pot front/4 pot rear
Ap racing 355 rotors
Project U rear rotors
Titanium wheel nuts

J’s Racing 2008 v 2009 kit

Although I’m Malaysian I gotta admit that there is a stronger JDM following in Thailand. They’ve got some whacked out rides and also a  fair share of ricey ones. With that said, the two examples (Honda Fit/Jazz) below certainly doesn’t fit the rice category with their full blown J’s racing kits.  index.phpindex.php44index.php312index55index.php66index.phpa2