If you are a JDM fanboy…
January 24, 2011, 1:43 pm
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… it is mandatory that you worship the Skyline GTR. In this case, I’m all crazy about this R34. I would imagine mine like this (if I ever own one) hahaha!!


Skyline R33.4


If you do not look at the car’s lines carefully you too would probably have passed this car up as just another BNR34 – There are after all plenty of black GTRs sporting Nismo bumpers and TE37s. When in fact, this is an R33 GTR with a T04z turbo pushing  550bhp.. and a special R34 front end conversion. I only began to find something amiss with the car when I realized I had  never seen sideskirts like that on an R34, then the shape of the rear bumper began to intrigue me.. and so on and so forth etc bla bla.

Anyways, fitment looks really spot on. And because of the that, I actually prefer this conversion over the Bee-R kit, which I have always thought to be a little distorted. Idk it must just be me *shrugs*.