Awesome posum mk4
December 23, 2010, 3:42 am
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It’s featured somewhere on Eurotuner. Check it!

Could be a re-post by me too.

Images courtesy of sdobbins photography


Daily all day
November 26, 2010, 7:57 am
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Gang Star

I’m so fuckin speechless. I didn’t know you could pull off steelies on a Chrysler haha.

My balls will STOP me

I’ll be frank, this is something I can’t see myself doing. Not cause I don’t think its cool but because my balls will stop me from doing it. Also, you’ve gotta make sure it rusts proper (?) and then its all gotta come together with the other elements of the car, otherwise you’ll just have a messed up looking car. This e46 here looks just about right. Though I’m not liking the roof rack as much.


I mean… this has gotta be the BADDEST tuning car on the fucking planet! It gets posted over and over again on every damn carblog. Infact, I’m guilty of the same – I’ve posted it a million bazillion times! It’s awesome from every damn angle. How many cars are THAT awesome?! Think about it. This is genius shit. Really.

PS: Sorry for the 6 month hiatus. Work has been crazy! I’ll try to put a few posts up every weekend.

Overall balance over power

Before its sticker treatment and wheel change..

Cockpit-Wako R34 GTR specs:


RB26DETT; Nismo GT crankshaft; Nismo radiator; HKS pistons; HKS oil pumpm; HKS F-CON V Pro; Tomei connecting rods; Trust 13 row oil cooler, Trust FMIC; T517Z twins; Trust turbo manifold; Cockpit Wako titanium intake; intercooler plumbing; turbo-back exhaust; aluminium radiator reservoir; SARD external fuel pump; SARD radiator; SARD cap; Aeroquip AN fittings; With Racing Project aluminium windshield fluid reservoir; carbon fiber radiator diffuser


ATS 2 way carbon limited-slip differential; carbon twin-disk clutch; flywheel; Keys racing shift knob


Sachs circuit-spec coilovers; Hyperco springs; custom urethane spherical bushings; control arms; end links; structural reinforming foam; Nismo strut tower  bars; sway bars


Prodrive GC-010G (18×10.5, +22 all around); Bridgestone Potenzas (265/35/18)


Brembo 355mm two-piece rotors; six piston calipers (f); 343mm two-piece rear rotors; four piston calipers (r)


Nismo GT cf hood, Z-tune front fenders; GT LED tails; OEM Skyline GTR N1 rear glass; custom dry cf front bumper; trunk;doors; Voltex dry carbon fiber GT wing; Mine’s cf mirros


Recaros; Takatas; Keys Racing knob; Fossa Magna steering wheel; custom cf center console; dry cf door panels; bolt-in cage

Jay-Z’s ex
March 25, 2010, 3:29 pm
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Time and time again you’ll find a car from Japan that looks completely awesome and just gives you the inspiration to build something similar. The Japanese do it best, they really do…