My balls will STOP me

I’ll be frank, this is something I can’t see myself doing. Not cause I don’t think its cool but because my balls will stop me from doing it. Also, you’ve gotta make sure it rusts proper (?) and then its all gotta come together with the other elements of the car, otherwise you’ll just have a messed up looking car. This e46 here looks just about right. Though I’m not liking the roof rack as much.


Found it!

I heeded theĀ  advice of Olly (he has an awesome blog, check it: http://taupakidriftclub.wordpress.com/) and looked high and low for this particular car on Zilvia. No names unfortunately but if the owner of this car is reading this, I like how your car came out. If I had the choice I’d change the wheels and spray it cream (personal preference). Also from the looks of it, the car is running the venerable sr20det. Any specs on the car, feel free to fill in guys! Out.

Mental looking 180sx

The Drift crew’s name “Team Instant Party” is very befitting of their style. Thumbs up!!

Do Luck
January 23, 2010, 8:37 am
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Sorry for the lack of updates guys! Here’s a clean Do Luck Evo from Washington. It may not be hellaflush or flush for that matter but I can certainly appreciate the functionality of it all. It’s niceĀ  to see something else once in awhile. Really nicely done!!

white silvias, green shoes

The Importance of Stance #13
December 31, 2009, 8:41 am
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Street drift machine posted on Risky Devil. Stance brings out the subtleties.. Love it!