C.L.E.A.N (2)
January 24, 2011, 2:14 pm
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Follow up to my last post titled C.L.E.A.N, found another picture of the same car.

Somehow I have a feeling this rx7 isn’t powered by a wankel.. Anyone has specs?

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It has a LS2

Comment by MellowS13

Wrong. It was owned by a Houstonian named Brent V. At the time that photo was taken by my good friend James Evins, it was powered by a single turbo RB25DET. The car has since been sold.

Comment by MaydayDavidD

This RX7 is one of the best looking around!

Comment by Matt

look i don’t know about you guys on this faggot ass page ive fallen into here but i have a different idea about what a 93-95 rx7 should look like. i can start buy saying that this shit aint it. the car looks like something from grand theft auto that got painted at pay and spray after fucking a transexual in an ally some where in liberty city. the front mount is about the only thing i (liked) about it till i decoded what the letters mean and threw research found out it stands for nigger penis inside (npi) now look i swear by these cars in there honest pure form but i am sooooooo fuuuuuuccccckinn gayyyyyyyyyyyy that my mouth is full of clumpy vomit that taste the same way this car looks i swear that if anyone of you reading this lived in my home town i would eat four mc chickens plain with just mayo drink a hole bottle of vodka smoke a hole pack of newport’s and half an hour later unload my asshole and take the most watery shit on this hole car, roof to wheels and watch that calypso blue paint just burn off and melt away and just the fresh aroma of hot steaming shit would fill his lungs and watch my gay boyfriend calapse to the ground and die i would also add that i would enjoy tea bagging his (yes, my gay boyfriend) piehole with my mouth watering okward over sized balls and just milk my nuts down his throught wile hes lieing on the ground motionless. ill be back soon so be ready cause i love to comment on what i hate to look at and if you got a problem just deal with the fact that im pritty gay and u’ll never understand what it takes to have the juicyest ball sack around. PS. i have a greasy nut sack but ull never have the honer’s to collect a sample and taste it for your self its just too much to handle all at one time, u have to graduate to get to that level of ball licking.

Comment by ur fucken mother

v8= easy power-simple mind. rotary=high rpm-massive boost

Comment by ur fucken mother

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Comment by ur fucken mother

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Comment by ur fucken mother

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