Been thinking of putting my money (at the end of the year 2010) into purchasing an Altezza instead of a 180sx. Mainly for practical reasons, being:-

(1) I’m in the legal line and I need something that looks more “executive-ish”

(2) 4 door convenience while with clients

(3) Short front end for ramps + speed  bumps

(4) it’s at least half the age of a 180sx

(5) I owned an IS200 which cost peanuts in the UK but 2 years average wages in Malaysia – Ridiculous how expensive cars are in Malaysia

(6) I can separate myself from the drifting crowd in Msia.

Oh well… we’ll see, I keep changing  my mind anyways. On top of that, I have a year to think about it. LMGT4s, poop colour paint, gutted (contary to what I just said above), 1jz swap, mild tune and I would be set to go!


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That is a very good thought. If I were to buy a car where I am at now, I would def buy an IS300. In fact, that is what I was looking for just the other day. Maybe consider the Sportcross/Gita?
Another reason to get one? 2JZ? 😀

Comment by eseer

Yeah it’s a very practical and reliable car.. I liked my IS enough to contemplate purchasing another one.

PS: 2jz lump is possible!

Comment by andrew7787

altezza still can drift! you wont be able to separate yourself with drifting kaki..

Comment by monsterzza

i put my 200sx with 1jz engine visit my blog bruneidrifter-xclub.blogspot.com

Comment by Drifter-X

What’s the specs on those LMGT4? I got a set coming to me in the near future.

Comment by John Ron

May i ask you…what blue is your is200? I like your colour… If you can give the colour code?

Comment by Irul

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