October 13, 2009, 11:36 am
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Hi I’m Andrew Ewe and I drive a CM5 Accord which I happen to share with my sister. I’ve got loads of ideas on what I want to do with the car but the problem is I’m broke as fuk. So I won’t be posting pictures of the car just yet but soon you will be able to follow my build. Promise!

Until then I’ll be posting clean  USDM JDM EDM etc etc stuff on this blog in the hopes of educating the average Malaysian on what’s cool and what’s not today. Our scene is still in its infancy and as a consequence a lot of people are still slapping ricey stuff on their cars. Just to give you an idea of what I’m talking about:

Yes, crazy GT wings on fwd cars, cheesy chrome bits that don’t flow with the car, useless vortex generators (I’ll get into this soon)?, ssssssuper air chargers? that don’t work, crappy body kits poorly executed. TASTELESS exterior modifications make me SICK.

PEOPLE! These modifications are a complete waste of your money AND it brings your car to a whole new level of UGLY. Toyota Vios’ with paltry 1.5l eco engines with huge gt wings, 19″ wheels, transformer body kits  and Top Secret stickers are so fucking lame.

Vortex Generators or cheapo plastic shark fins taped onto the roof of your car? I’m too lazy to post a picture of a vortex generator so you be the hardworking one and google it yourself. They are stupid, I don’t see tuners using them, some swear by them saying it helps airflow, creates downforce – Oh really?! Shops in Malaysia sell them cause they need the income and it sells, people buy them cause it’s cheap and they think that the more parts they slap on their car the more they separate their car from the rest of the pack. Hell yeah it separates them from the pack, more isn’t better, more is tacky! It’s ugly ugly ugly and I’ve never seen a racing team use it before. Ever. Even if they did work they are ugly. Shoot me will ya?

Phews! I got carried away. It’s just that these cars prowl the streets of Malaysia, THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!

On a somewhat related note, this is a link to a post I chanced upon when googling for pictures of terrible Malaysian modified cars. It talks about the sort of person (that you can only find on this part of the world- namely Ah bengs) capable of creating such a mess of a car. Link: http://chrizman2001.blogspot.com/2007/02/ah-beng-malaysia-and-singapores-pride.html


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HAHAHA… totally agree.. btw ur accord.. vip?

Comment by waichun

lol not going the VIP route. common route people would take. im taking inspiration from the JDM following in Cali, US. Hows ur A31? Ready to drift? When it’s done let me know haha. I’ll feature your car lol.

Comment by andrew7787

Where are you from?

Comment by thekulife

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Comment by andrew7787

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