One more S Chassis?

I know I’ve posted a lot of Silvias lately.. But… I had to post this one up – M Sports rocks my socks!!! Last one! for now… *Grins*


Shiny hine. Haha..

Nikolay Konstantinov’s UBER COOL 180sx!


The Importance of Stance #10


Skyline R33.4


If you do not look at the car’s lines carefully you too would probably have passed this car up as just another BNR34 – There are after all plenty of black GTRs sporting Nismo bumpers and TE37s. When in fact, this is an R33 GTR with a T04z turbo pushing  550bhp.. and a special R34 front end conversion. I only began to find something amiss with the car when I realized I had  never seen sideskirts like that on an R34, then the shape of the rear bumper began to intrigue me.. and so on and so forth etc bla bla.

Anyways, fitment looks really spot on. And because of the that, I actually prefer this conversion over the Bee-R kit, which I have always thought to be a little distorted. Idk it must just be me *shrugs*.

Ill Garage’s S13.5


Fooking 18X13″ -36 off in the rear! Talk about crazy fitment.




32 (2)





SVA Imports R34 GTR 1200bhp BEAST!

This car is fking hardcore!


1200bhp @ 2.6 bar boost
HKS racing 2.8L high deck complete engine
HKS head system STEP Pro V lifter, HKS STEP Pro
IN/EX 296deg
HKS STEP Pro valve springs
HKS STEP Pro V valve IN set
HKS STEP Pro V valve EX set
Valve step seal set
Fully machined and modified head system
HKS GT3540 twin turbo
HKS special racing wastegate
Custom stainless wastagate outlet pipe
HKS metal head gasket
HKS oil pump
ATI crank dumper pulley kit
HKS GT intercooler cooler twin entry type
HKS oil cooler kit
TOP SECRET GT intake plenum
NISMO engine mounts
AUTO SELECT oil sump
Custom titanium exhaust
1000cc main injectors X 6 + 440cc extra injectors X 6
Twin injector adaptor
BOSCH external fuel pump X 2 + SARD intank fuel pump
Quaife 6 speed sequetual gearbox
Quaife torque bisting front diff
Custom collector tank
EARL’S braided fuel line
HKS fuel rail
HKS fuel regulator
Aluminium triple layered radiator
BILLION swirl pod set
SAMCO radiator hoses
BILLION electric fan X 2
OHLINS adjustable suspensions
S&S ENGINEERING pillow ball front arms
AUTO SELECT suspension arm pillow ball kit
HKS triple plate clutch
NISMO diff mount
NISMO member bush
13 point roll cage
Seam welded shell
AUTO SELECT frame support bar
RECARO Pro Racer SP-G bucket seat (driver side)
RECARO SP-G (passenger side)
HKS F-con V-pro ver3.1
HKS ETC torque split controller
HKS A/F knock amp
HKS turbo timer
TOP SECRET front bunper
TOP SECRET front carbon under diffuser
NISMO GT carbon bonnet
TOP SECRET carbon GT wing
TOP SECRET limited edition 18inch rims (VOLK
NISMO LED GT tail lights

Look at my orange shoes!


Found this gem on the evolutionm forums.. think it’s still for sale but i can’t be sure. Anyways specs are:

‘GSC’ 2.2L bottom end w/ CP pistons, knife edged crankshaft, etc..
‘Forced Performance’ Evo RED turbo
‘Milspec’ ported TB & intake manifold
‘Buschur Racing’ ported & coated oem manifold
‘AMS’ upper IC pipe
‘Magnaflow’ ti exhaust
‘AMS’ FUEL rail & FPR kit
‘AMS’ Oil pan
‘davis racing’ trunk mounted battery kit
‘Manual Boost Controller
‘RC engineering’ 1200 injectors
‘Buschur Racing’ intank double pumper setup
‘Forced Performance’ FP4R in/ex Cams
‘Soduku’ Oil Catch tank
‘TiAL’ race BoV
‘mishimoto’ radiator w/ fanshroud
‘Blitz’ radiator Hose
‘ARP’ Headstuds
‘Tomei’ cam gears
‘Accusump’ 3 quart oil reservoir system
‘setrab’ custom oil cooler with elec. Fan
‘forge’ manifold heatsheild
‘Forge’ upper motor mounts
‘AMS’ lower crossmember

KW double adjustable RACE coil-overs
‘Cusco’ Rear Strut tower – V brace
‘Progress’ 25mm Rear swaybar
‘Robispec’ Lower Trailing Link Bushing
‘Whiteline’ Anti BumpSteer Kit
‘Works’ Croxx II plate

Exedy single plate clutch
Exedy lightweight flywheel
GSC 60/40 center diff
TRE max-lock 1.5 way rear diff
‘AMS’ moustache bar

‘AMS’ SS brake lines
‘Motul’ 600 Brake Fluid
‘Performane Friction’ 97 brake pads
‘Performane Friction’ 2 piece floating rotors (front)
‘Robispec’ Custom Brake ducts (front)

‘Volk’ TE37′s – 18×9.5 w/ +22 offset / custom painted
10mm kics wheel spacers (front)

‘Yokohama’ AD08′s – 265/35/18’s (180 treadwear rating)

‘Robispec’ Rollbar
‘Sparco’ 3″ – 5 point harness w/ camlocks
‘Sparco’ Evo bucket seat w/ aluminum side mounts
‘Sparco’ Rev bucket seat w/ aluminum side mounts
‘Ioport’ Fire extinguisher
‘Zeitronix’ ZT-2 Wideband display
‘Greddy’ Oil pressure guage – 60mm w/ peak hold & warning
‘Greddy’ Oil temp. guage – 60mm w/ peak hold & warning
‘Greddy’ Water temp. guage – 60mm w/ peak hold & warning
‘Craig Hardy’ Guage Panel

New paint job – 2 months old
‘AMS’ carbon fiber roof
‘APR’ gt side view mirrors
‘Evodave’ Headlights
‘JDM’ Tailights
‘C west’ Front Bumper
‘C west’ side skirts
‘Voltex’ canards
‘Robispec’ under carriage Front Diffuser
‘Robispec’ under carriage Rear Diffuser
‘Voltex’ GT wing
‘Robispec’ Custom widebody front splitter
‘Downforce Composits’ Carbon Fiber Trunk w/ aerocatch system
‘Downforce Composits’ Carbon Fiber Hood
‘Mitsubishi’ Evo 9 JDM rear bumper

If anyone is actually interested in purchasing this street/serious as hell track car –> Link: http://forums.evolutionm.net/sale-cars-sale/427679-fastest-street-tire-evo-us-sale.html

Ken Block on Top Gear ft Ricky Carmichael

Daigo Saito’s Ridox kitted JZA80

Daigo`s 2009 D1 Japan Supra.preview2009_ebisu_d1gp_round_1_011Daigo`s Supra rear (diffuser and wide overfender)Daigo`s 2009 D1 Japan Supra engine

It’s got a real mean look to it… Guess the appeal comes from the fact that it’s rough around the edges.


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